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Assange, imperialism and rape: What do socialists say?

Click on photo for meeting leaflet

As a number of groups across Britain will be holding meetings on Assange and wikileaks over the next week(s), SWSS has produced a meeting leaflet template (Click on the photo for pdf). Given that there are huge debates around the issue SWSS activists should approach Feminist societies and others to hold a joint meeting or come and discuss with us.

Below you can read what we have written on Assange, Wikileaks and rape:

Assange must face rape charges, not US revenge

Trivialising rape wont help challenge imperialism

Taking rape seriously

How the law and the police fail women over rape

For more detailed analysis click here


Freshers fairs update


 The reverberations and ideological fallout of the student and Occupy movement can be felt at freshers. The number of SWSS recruits is high but we want to make sure these people also turn up to our meetings. We need to pitch our introduction meeting to SWSS far more anti-systemic and anti-capitalist than in previous years. Possible title:

         Riots, revolts and revolutions – What is the alternative to capitalism? 

Comrades should build these meetings as big as possible by postering campus and mass leafleting. We should aim to attract the biggest possible audience to the first meeting. The bigger you first meeting the easier it will be to build a large SWSS group, recruit people to the party and be the centre of political activity on campus.