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The crisis is capitalism – One solution: Revolution

As we enter the new term, capitalism’s crisis is engulfing the Eurozone. While the super-rich maintain lavish lifestyles ordinary people have been thrown into ever greater poverty by wage and pension cuts.

In Spain and Greece, youth unemployment has hit 50 per cent while the banks are being rescued time again. Here, students are asked to pay up to £9,000 tuition fees and spend a life in debt – yet courses and funding are cut.

Resistance is growing. In Greece millions of workers have joined mass revolts and general strikes. From New York to Oakland, the 99 per cent have woken up to the American Nightmare. And in Quebec, Canada, students not only organised an indefinite student strike but also continue to defy a crackdown on the right to protest.

Britain is no different. The student revolt in 2010 was fantastic, and the riots showed the deep anger in society. Recent mass strikes and workers’ demonstrations show how we can bring down a weakened Coalition government. We need an alternative to cuts and austerity.

But even if Labour comes into power at the next general election the picture will be more of the same. The revolutions in Egypt and the Arab world have shown a different path to change and have been a testament to our collective strength. We don’t just need a revolution in Tahrir Square, we need revolution everywhere.

What SWSS does

SWSS has been at the heart of the anticapitalist and student movements, organising occupations and demonstrations. With a network of groups in campuses and colleges around Britain we argue for student-worker unity, make the case for revolution and socialism from below.

We organise forums, teach-ins, debates and reading groups to discuss Marxist theory, history and current political questions. Last year we organised video linkups with Occupy Wall Street activists, a book tour with Terry Eagleton and Alex Callinicos on ‘Why Marx was right’ as well as a ‘Students for Revolution’ festival.

We are involved in the Education Activist Network, Unite Against Fascism, Defend the Right to Protest, solidarity with Palestine and other local campaigns fighting sexism, racism, fascism, homophobia, imperialism, and for a world without exploitation and oppression. Capitalism means crisis, war and poverty.

We fight for a socialist world of real democracy and where people come before profit.                                                                                                                                                   We need you, and you need us. Join the revolutionaries.